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A wide range of products from fixed lights for overall stage lighting to moving head lights for creating a different atmosphere are available in our rental stock.


Different types of moving head lights – which can be preferred at shows or when people want to juice up their classical business meetings – are available in our rental stock. Moving profile lights with several effects and moving lights with coloring features bring a different visual quality to meetings.

It is possible to reflect company logos on walls and such like surfaces by using profile type moving head lights. After metal or glass gobo production suitability of logos is determined, production phase starts for this procedure.

  • Clay Paky Alpha Profile/Wash 700
  • Clay Paky Sharpy
  • Martin Mac 575 Krypton
  • SSP LED Wash

Fixed illuminating lights – which are almost a must for events especially where a camera or photograph shooting will take place – are available in AVICON rental stock.

  • Desisti Fresnel 2kW
  • Desisti Fresnel 1kW
  • ETC Source Four 750w
  • Fal 1200W Follow Spot

LED effect lights – which can form a different atmosphere through using different colors – are available in our lease stock. There are foggers and hazers – considered as the essential components of lights – available in our lease stock as well.

  • Chauvet LED Par
  • Chaavet LED Bar
  • Chauvet Colorado Blinder
  • Antari Hazer
  • Antari Fog Machine

Different types of light mixers – which are needed to control lighting fixtures used – are available in AVICON rental stock.


  • Avolites Pearl Tiger
  • Avolites Pearl Expert
  • Avolites ART 2000 Dimmer
  • Lite-Puter Dimmer