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LED screens were only used at outdoor events in the previous years. This was because they had minimum monitoring distance due to their low resolution. These distances specified as 15m-20m limited the use of LED screens at events apart from concerts and rallies for a long time. They were mostly preferred for a video and camera footage rather than a presentation screen. Still, since LED screens can be used in daylight they are the only alternative for some events. You can rent various LED screens in different features and sizes from AVICON rental stock.


Outdoor LED screens are different from indoor products due to their light powers in particular. They have a light power of 5000 NIT or over and can even be used in environments which receive direct daylight. Besides, they are resistant to weather conditions such as rain or high temperature. They are mostly suitable for use at outdoor events where video presentations will be made. When outdoor LED screens with 10mm pixel pitch are used in large surface (4m x 6m etc.); they can be preferred at outdoor events for less detailed presentations in large point size.

With their high resolution feature; indoor LED screens are getting one step closer to projection device definition each passing day. LED screens with 3mm pixel pitch can be the appropriate display system for several presentations in sizes 3mx4m and over. Since indoor LED screens don’t need a certain distance between device and image surface unlike projection devices, we can say that their ability to be positioned to several points easily and as well as their light power are the biggest advantages of indoor LED screens compared to other products. They provide a quite flexibility in stage designs and thanks to these products, loss-of-field in meeting halls is at minimum compared to back projection applications.


A couple of sample photos are as follows :