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Filming during presentations for live image transfer or recording organizations for archives purposes.  AVICON, offer this service with a professional team and P2 digital Full HD cameras.

These cameras saving images to professional memory cards allow a lively and clear shooting performance even in low light conditions. Since the images are saved to memory cards, they become ready for a editing process as soon as the events are finished. Since HD/SDI system is used for live transmission to main imaging systems (LED screen, projection device etc.) used at events, a non-dissipative usage is again possible.

Panasonic P2 Kamera

IBM Kamera Çekimi

Unlike with steady cameras, much more dynamic shooting processes are performed with cameras placed on Jimmy Jib at events including a gala dinner or prize-giving ceremony in particular. Since operators are not limited with an only one steady camera angle thanks to this type of cameras, they find an opportunity to capture beautiful images from more different angles. You can see its advantages at prize-giving ceremonies. For example; operators at such events would be able to follow a prize winner from his/her table to the stage in very nice and different angles which is not possible with a steady camera. This definitely adds value to the work.


Jimmy Jib Kullanımı - Çırağan Kempinski


Jimmy Jib Kullanımı - Çırağan Kempinski


Since Jimmy Jib can be used in different lengths, the most suitable solution should be decided by checking out the event venue before the event takes place.


When more than one camera is present, Video Mixers are used in order for the image – which will be sent to the main imaging system – to be selected transiently. All cameras used are connected to these mixers by digital cabling which allow operators to send the appropriate images – they follow from preview monitors – to the main imaging system through a video mixer. Also operators are able to switch to another footage in position while a camera makes focusing thanks to the production control system and it is ensured that there are always right images in the main imaging system.


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As far as possible, more than one camera and production control system should be used at events especially where a live transmission takes place.