Wide screen presentation systems are used to make presentations more interesting for the audience and to steer away from standard stage-projection screen look. With this very usage; meeting room wall-sized and even whole-room sized display areas are created, contrary to the ones composed of a single screen surface. By using dynamic backgrounds instead of stable backgrounds, meetings are made more interesting for the audience.

Watchout - Conrad


In addition to this, using stage images created via Watchout instead of standard, printed visuals provides several more extra advantages. For instance, let’s say there is an ongoing seminar in a ball room of a hotel and following a coffee break the seminar will continue with a different concept/subject. In such a case it is impossible to put down the existing backdrops and install new printed backdrops, but this is different with Watchout. We can switch to different concepts within seconds by using Watchout. So we can say that when you have a very short time to switch to a different concept then it would be a life saver applying different stage visuals via Watchout.

The Watchout software – a product of Dataton – can be dubbed as the most preferred system thanks to its flexible and easy use in applications also called wide screen presentation systems. Watchout can be applied to almost all imaging devices. Thanks to this very feature, it can be used in several fields from standard meetings to video mapping. Especially it also has lower costs compared to AnalogueWay Ascender or Christie Spyder – which are totally hardware products – at events where 3 and more imaging devices (projection, LED screen etc.) are used. With its scalable structure, it is possible to create display areas up to 360° in hotel ball rooms or outer spaces. We, as AVICON, have Watchout and Ascender systems – which may be needed for different events – available in our rentalstock.